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Music Review | MC Tempo - THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND

MC Tempo gives us conscious lyricism

They Don't Understand (Single)

Gamfam Only You

MC Tempo has never been one to rush putting out new music before it’s time. After taking a bit of a break from the bars to release sermon jams during the later months of last year, he’s kicked off 2022 with ‘THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND’. This single has a unique, never heard take on the fusion between techno and hip hop that suits his brand. It’s for all intents and purposes, a conscious rap that looks at the state of humanity’s dire need of the Gospel all the while exploring more of Tempo’s wordplay skills. The serious tone in this dark beat mixed with a Nelly type of singing-rap laced with heavy effects are his way of calling attention to the words and make for some serious though provoking.


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