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With 15 years of industry experience and a niche Christian network of social media followers, subscribers and curators we have the ability to take your music career up a level on the Spotify platform.

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Website Promotion (2 Weeks)

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Website Promotion (1 Month)

Social Media promotion (1 Month)

Playlist Placement

Featured music on homepage

Tagged on social media

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Website Promotion (2 Weeks)

Social Media promotion (2 Weeks)

Playlist Placement

Featured music on homepage

Tagged on social media

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Website promotion (1 month)

Featured artist (1 month)

Social media promotion (1 month)

Top Playlist Placement

Featured music on homepage

Tagged on social media

Social media ads run

Email blast to subscribers

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The Science

Promotion is focused on Spotify as this is the most significant platform for musicians today. There are a few things all artists should be considering when developing a modern music marketing strategy.


As a foundation develop your initial reach by having a group of fans on social media that you engage with regularly. These are high quality fans that will engage over and over again with your music. For this reason we dedicate a lot of time to brand building on social media and supplying those who are in demand of good Christian content. You should too!

Being playlisted is a great way to build an audience and gain new fans. There are a few things to consider when developing your playlist strategy too. Create your own playlist as part of your artist profile and match your music with artists within your genre and sub-genre. Try to have a mix of emerging and major artists.

Pitching towards  playlists with big followings can be rewarding however it's often the case that the followers stopped listening to that playlist years ago so don't focus on that too much. Focusing on huge mainstream playlists can also be problematic as if you haven't got a typical mainstream song it's more likely to be skipped by the audience and be damaging to your overall algorithm. Try focusing on playlists in the 1,000 to 5,000 bracket when starting, using your genre/sub-genre as a guide. Not sure where to start? Then look at artists in your genre, go to their spotify profile, scroll down to see what playlists they're being dsicovered on. Reach out to those curators.

Following the steps so far should assist you in getting on Spotify’s algorithmic and editorial playlists. Algorithmic playlists are auto generated by Spotify to match users with music they might like. So Release Radar, Radio, Made For…. these are all algorithmic playlists generated by the Spotify algorithm. This is a big deal and means what you’re doing is working. Spotify has a clear idea of who wants to hear your music because you’re being heard alongside similar artists, by a particular demographic. People are opening Spotify and using the platform because of you (remember those social media fans). Spotify loves this.


Editorial playlists are the pinnacle. Human beings at Spotify are listening to your music, seeing how it’s performing on the app and want to share it with a larger audience as they’re confident you’ll keep people on the app. Congratulations! You’ve made it. Now just keep doing what works.


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Paddy Simba.jpg

Paddy Simba

I found the experience working with tldmusic promo to be efficient, we reached the targets and they’re easy to reach for any enquiries. Great work.

Si Knightly.jpg

Si Knightly

The Lions Den Spotify Promo campaign was excellent! Good value, straight forward and delivered the results it promised. Thanks to TLD my latest single got 8.5K streams in a few weeks. This is an investment I will definitely be making again in the future with my music.


Shimon Atunde

TLD were absolutely professional and impeccable in the way they went about campaigning for my single. I saw the effect of their work quite quickly and I will definitely be coming back for my next single!

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