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Music Review | Razzie - Agape

What A Love

Agape (Single)

Gamfam Only You

Razzie, is a Christian rapper and hip hop artist who was born in Fort Pierce, Florida. Based in Miami, Razzie is gaining national popularity because of his original lyrics and modern hip hop sound. His music is diverse with sounds from multiple genres such as hip hop, pop, rap, reggae, and trap production elements.

Razzie's new single "Agape" takes us back to the basics of our faith. The lyrics

"Know where the church is, it's not something that's earthly, yea. My body is the temple Jesus made the purchase, yea" remind us that Jesus paid the ultimate

price for us to have eternal life. In this beautiful song, Razzie reflects on God's

love for us through His son. The smooth tempo and airy melodies make "Agape"

the perfect start to the new year.


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