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Music Review | Lyrical_Levite - Candor

Lyrical_Levite lives his truth

Candor (Album)

Gamfam Only You

Faith, Healing, Truth. These are the driving forces behind Lyrical Levite

and his approach to making music. Levite breaks boundaries and

stigmas attached to trauma with his new album ‘Candor. He addresses

past taboos head on while opening up about his own trials and

tribulations. He raps candidly about his past, present, and future over

beats produced and engineered by his team based in Guatemala.

Opening up early with the album titled track “ Candor”, Levite

immediately talks about struggles with past relationships and his need

to express the truth. “My team and I knew we wanted to put out this

project based on the truth and breaking the generational curse of

silence” says Lyrical Levite. If this is what he was aiming for, he hit the

mark by staying true to his experiences and struggles. As you hear him

rap on songs like “Never Again” and “Liela”, the sincerity in his words

shine through. These tracks draw attention because the production

gives us that heavy trap influence that we’re used to hearing in most

music, but with a completely different message.


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