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Music Review | J.Walker of TLD - The Light

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Close your eyes

The Light (Single)

Gamfam Only You

It’s often difficult to be happy or stay happy while living in a broken world full of broken people. It’s easy to become depressed or anxious. We look around and see things going from bad to worse with no signs of improving. The light offers us an escape…

The single shifts the focus from our world to God. Rather than offering a cure for the pain and suffering we all go through and endure, it gives listeners a chance to focus on God while going through pain and suffering.

It’s not the usual Gospel song about overcoming problems. It’s an acceptance that sometimes life will be difficult, and you will have to live through it. As much as we may seek a life full of joy, this joy may not come until the next life.


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