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Music Review | Imani Shola  - Oxygen

Imani Lives the Gospel

Oxygen (Single)

Gamfam Only You

Contemporary gospel vocalist Imani Shola has released the emotive gospel ballad entitled Oxygen. Following the success of her first 3 releases which gained her 7,000 subscribers on YouTube and 120 followers on spotify, the jazz-soul-inspired singer-songwriter’s latest track comforts listeners with its soothing harmonies breathing life amid lines of lyrical truth.

Oxygen originated far from home, during a difficult year spent abroad in 2017. Harmonies inspired by the gospel choir Imani joined as a safe space during that season soak listeners in soothing lyrical affirmation: God is sovereign even in wilderness.

“Oxygen is a reminder to breathe among uncertainty. It was written when Imani was learning to trust God amidst the unfamiliar. Following COVID, and in light of current global uncertainty, war and economic crisis.

I hope this timely song keeps people’s heads and hearts high,” says the artist.


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