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Music Review | Zelijah Tishbite - Say Less

It's cool...say less

Say Less (Single)

Gamfam Only You

The founder of Aligned Vision is no shortage of bars! While utilising drill beats to illustrate spiritual warfare is a very familiar style pioneered by Zeli and others like Konola and the Goons4God, SAY LESS is still rather refreshing. This single in particular isn’t overly saturated with road allegories that anyone who can’t personally relate with that lifestyle can continue listening to without it flying over their heads. This is no indignation towards songs of that kind, I enjoy them and that target audience needs to hear them, provided the focus on the Cross isn’t lost in the sauce. But Say Less is very much adding to the point that anyone can like drill beats depending on your lyrical tastes. And speaking of lyrics, Zeli channels the excitement of prayer into the song, showing how impostor is to ‘say less’ and get on your knees more. He understands how dangerous it is to the enemy when Christians agree in prayer to God’s Word, individually and corporately. And it’s from this scriptural standpoint that this track is birthed from. And it bangs!


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