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Music Review | Watchman - My God Is Legend

Watchman Gets Experimental

My God Is Legend (Single)

Gamfam Only You

Watchman tirelessly works with young people and helps them discover the areas of their lifestyle that needs to be re-adjusted, reaping the benefits and rewards of a new way of thinking. Many of them have gone-on, to lead crime-free lives and even set up their own business. Watchman is constantly stoped, not by the cops, but by his one time students, has he humbly walks down the streets of Brixton, and now even mentoring their children.

Most recently (2021), Watchman was appointed Muscle Director of Kent Opera — Britain's first regional opera company, founded in 1969 by Norman Platt. Watchman has brought something fresh and almost tangible to Kent Opera. He supports and motivates young performers and brings the transformative power of music and drama to young people at risk, at no extra cost to Kent Opera.


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