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Music Review | Reblah - Jonah

Reblah brings the hope

Jonah (Single)

Gamfam Only You

Jonah is an epic drill single by Reblah produced by Scotty C from Bradford UK, which is based on the prophet Jonah in the Bible who was in the belly of a large fish for 3 days due to being disobedient to Gods instructions. Jonah represents the power of resurrection very similar to Jesus.

He was a holy man that was upset at God for his relentless love and mercy towards wicked people. God is always slow to anger and Jonah couldn’t understand that. As Christians sometimes we question God, we go through challenges, trials but God desires us to remain obedient and faithful and if we do, we will overcome life’s obstacles. This is a heartfelt song with a lot of realness, pain and transparency that so many will be able to relate too.


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