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Music Review | Reblah ft. R-Scar - RIDER

Reblah has a message

Rider (Single)

Gamfam Only You

Reblah’s work rate is amazing! He works like a machine! And with the roll out of music, singles and EP bundles, the latest in line is this smooth party stepper ‘RIDER’. Blessing the booth also is R-Scar, who never fails to take us somewhere else with his smooth vocals. Forever embracing his cultural roots, Tbabz is a great choice to do this new single with as far as production goes. These three creatives land each other their talents to make this song an instant hit. The message is to give God thanks and the song echoes the doctrine that Jesus is always with them. As R-Scar puts on repeat “You won’t fade away”, that’s the line that sticks with the listener and will open the end of Matthew 28:20 in a powerful way.


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