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Music Review | M North - Soulja

M North Goes to War for Yeshua

Soulja (Single)

Gamfam Only You

This song is the first part of a 3 series message that embodies faith in Jehovah during testing times. Although we are in the midst of witnessing a war between Ukraine and Russia, the true war is in the spiritual realm against principalities and powers of darkness - Ephesians 6:12

M North tells his story:

Originally from Toronto I relocated to West London, Uk in 2017 where I rebuilt my life after months of homelessness. A prodigal son fits the description of my journey. When my parents divorced in Uk 2005, my world crashed by the age of 11 as my mother, sister and I relocated to Canada. Growing up in my late teens I expressed my depression by tattooing both my arm sleeves and working night shifts at McDonald’s while renting a one bedroom and finishing music school. My music has a blend of all my struggles being nullified by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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