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Music Review | Kingdom K.i.d - Cross My Heart

Let's Talk About Love

Cross My Heart (EP)

Gamfam Only You

“Cross My Heart” charts the story of Jesus Christ in a fresh, lit new way that is relevant, capturing the minds and hearts of everyone from Millennials to Gen Z. Discover for yourself how a man killed as a criminal 2,000 years ago was blessed with the best comeback in history. Whatever your view of him, Jesus (Yeshua) is still the greatest influencer that has ever lived – try beating 2.3 billion followers down to this day!

“If you want a symbol for love it is the cross, not the heart. I’ve found no statement truer than ‘Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends’. And if you doubt that, simply listen to “Cross My Heart” as I’m confident it will silence even the fiercest of critics.“ - Kingdom k.i.d


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