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Music Review | J.Walker of TLD - Waymaker

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Rest in God's Character

Waymaker (Single)

Gamfam Only You

People don’t usually need reminding about the crazy and traumatic things from their past. They do need reminding that they were able to overcome them. We’ll of course want to stop terrible things from happening to us in the future, but we might need to rely on God to take us through another year.


The song Waymaker is an anthem for moving through difficult times knowing the character of God will be enough to sustain you. The track shifts the focus from our everyday problems to focusing on God and salvation. By focusing less on our faults and shortcomings we’re able to focus more on God and his character.

‘Waymaker’ aims to bridge the gap between those who like to listen to traditional worship songs and those who are becoming fans of the Gospel drill movement. Fans are given the best of both worlds with passionate vocals and piano as well as the rhythm and bass that are signatures of the drill sound.

Project Details

The project was produced by Holy Drill who is a Nigeria based producer who likes to mix popular sounds with drill music. The track is the latest release from (The Lion’s Den) label.


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