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Music Review | J.Walker of TLD - My Blessings

A Moment of Gratitude

My Blessings (Single)

Gamfam Only You

It’s often easy to forget God when we settle into our routine and everything’s going OK. We hopefully remember to praise God when something awesome happens and we never forget to pray when things start falling apart.

The song ‘My Blessings’ allows a moment to pause and reflect on everything we should be thanking God for. Undoubtedly, you have difficulties that you’re going through in life and things don’t feel perfect, but does that mean we have no reason to be grateful? Often, especially in the UK, we can voice how terrible the rain and cold are without ever giving thanks for all the days of sun.

J.Walker takes listeners on a journey which starts off in childhood watching his mother try to balance the accounts which living in a dangerous neighborhood which he describes from a window as ‘the valley of the shadow of death’. As he grows throughout the verse he becomes more aware of all the issues and obstacles being faced as they start to affect him more stating, ‘It’s hard to sleep when you’re woke.’


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