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Music Review | Imani Shola  - Mapmaking Vol I

Imani Therapy

Mapmaking Vol I (EP)

Gamfam Only You

Endearingly dubbed ‘the healing EP’, andwith song titles alone referencing therapeutic concepts like ‘Inner-child Healing’, Mapmaking, vol. i aims to lovingly introduce listeners to several core psychotherapy principles to encourage them to do the inner-work that many people don’t; the work that sets us free from autopilot patterns, heals low self-esteem, and breaks generational cycles. With styles across the EP ranging from dance-worthy sambas (‘On You’), to rousing ballads (‘So Long’), to moving a’capellas (‘What Do’), Mapmaking, vol. i offers both compassion and conviction; care and challenge; empathy and edification.

“Healing and wellness have been close to my heart since childhood, and the themes of all of my books, so Mapmaking, vol. i is my musical offering on this theme,” says the artist.

Therapeutic themes touched on range from Father-Wound healing ('So Long'), to healing from abuse ('What Do'), to Wounded Inner Child healing ('Name'). Imani’s characteristic harmonies and prominent backing vocals feature throughout as always; her signature style and means of bringing comfort.


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