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Music Review | Guvna B - Massive

Guvna B shows West Ham love

Massive (Single)

Gamfam Only You

So straight from Mr. Allo Mate himself, ‘MASSIVE’ simply started as freestyle he did on Sky Sports. If you should know anything about Guvna outside of his faith and music, it’s that he’s a *clearing throat* massive West Ham supporter. So it only makes sense that he’d drop something about his favourite team at some point. But it’s not a causal gesture. As clearly stated on the cover art, he’s supporting somebody with a medical condition. “All proceeds go to Isla Caton and her fight against Neuroblastoma”. This is a rare type of cancer that affects the nerves of babies and young children. So two things; One, go and support through your wallet (jump on ) and two, raise this little up in your prayers for divine healing and health and successful treatment in Jesus’ name.


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