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Music Review | GATLofficial - Your Love

LoFi Gospel

Your Love (Single)

Gamfam Only You

Your Love is the collective’s boldest single yet producing a head- bopping fresh take on Jesus Culture’s 2008 hit Your Love Never Fails.

Putting a personal spin on a well-known contemporary Christian song, GATLofficial’s seamless weaving of a range of instruments is hard to miss throughout. Underneath the core of slow hip-hop drum patterns is the roar of distant trumpets carried by the unmistakable piano chords of the classic gospel tune.

With the new entry, Idrees Oloyede and Isaac K. Busari continue their storm of the LoFi scene with a melody to bring listeners into their musical heart’s expression of God’s unwavering love for his people.

The main purpose of GATL is to provide good music, good vibes and good news through everything created.


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