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Music Review | Gamie - Seven

Gamie gets personal

Seven (Album)

Gamfam Only You

Speaking about the album Gamie said; 'SEVEN was born out of the sincere desire to connect with people by sharing stories and experiences that are true to me. Keeping it as relatable as possible, each song tells its own story.

From the constant warring of the flesh against the spirit in the song Enemy Lines, to the daily challenges faced by the girl child leading to the question, where is the Love?

The entire album is rich in sound and expression, it aims to engage the audience at a very intimate level by creating a balance. It addresses spiritual, emotional and physical concerns on Faith, Hope, Love, Abuse, Healing, Security, Friendship, Loyalty and Restoration

I certainly poured my heart into the songs on this album and I hope you find the stories compelling, inspiring and edifying. This album captures the essence of my artistry and the beauty of my imperfections.'


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