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Music Review | Elikem Kofi - Long Life and Drama

A Soundtrack For Wisdom

Long Life and Drama (Album)

Gamfam Only You

Elikem Kofi's highly anticipated Afrogospel masterpiece, "Long Life and Drama," has finally arrived, unleashing a storm of musical brilliance that conquers charts and captures hearts worldwide. With captivating tracks like "What I Want," "Joro Mi," and the irresistible "Be Okay," this album is a timeless sensation. Its ethereal rhythms and soul-stirring melodies transport listeners to a realm of pure bliss. Prepare to be spellbound by the divine artistry of Elikem Kofi as he weaves an enchanting tapestry of hope, resilience, and sheer musical genius. "Long Life and Drama" is destined to be etched in the annals of musical greatness for years to come.

This project dives head first into the topics and complications around our christian life that we face on our own. The album will focus heavily on social, political and personal issues that we all face in our day to day life but no one speaks about while delivering it with that K to the O summer vibe everyone has been waiting for. The goal is to give people a different idea of christianity. An idea which is not just embedded in the pillar of a church building but one which is integrated in our legal system, our social life and our habitual life in order to get people speaking about these matters mentioned above freely without any judgement or prejudice


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