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Music Review | David Leonard - All Because of You

The Lights Are Back On

David Leonard - Because of You (Single)

Gamfam Only You

David Leonard, known for his contemplative and spiritually resonant music, has released a new single, "All Because Of You." The song is a soul-stirring testament to the unshakable faith, embracing praise for God even during turbulent times.

The musical composition of "All Because Of You" is strikingly intimate, opening with a gentle acoustic guitar that accompanies Leonard's warm and earnest vocals. As the song progresses, it gains intensity, reflecting the ebb and flow of life's trials and tribulations, and how God's presence can be a guiding light.

What sets Leonard apart is his ability to craft music that feels both personal and universal. The lyrics in "All Because Of You" are a blend of poetic imagery and heartfelt declaration. Leonard sings of storms and dark skies, metaphorically depicting life's challenges, while consistently returning to a praise-filled chorus. His voice conveys a serene assurance that makes the song's message all the more convincing.

The melody, though simple, is effective in its ability to carry the song's profound theme. Leonard's choice to keep the musical arrangement relatively bare allows the lyrics and his expressive vocal delivery to take center stage. However, the subtle addition of strings and background harmonies adds layers of richness without overpowering the core message.

One of the most impactful elements of "All Because Of You" is its genuine spirit. Leonard's previous works have often been noted for their authenticity, and this track is no exception. The song doesn't shy away from acknowledging pain and struggle, but it also doesn't wallow in it. Instead, it shifts the focus towards gratitude and reverence, a perspective that many will find uplifting and encouraging.

Perhaps the only potential critique might be directed at the song's traditional sound, which might not appeal to those looking for something more cutting-edge or experimental. However, this very simplicity might be seen as its strength, connecting with listeners on a fundamental level without unnecessary frills.

"All Because Of You" is another remarkable addition to David Leonard's growing repertoire. It stands as a beacon of faith and a reminder that praising God isn't restricted to moments of joy and triumph. It's a song that will likely find a home in many worship settings, as well as in the personal playlists of those seeking solace and inspiration.

In a world where complexities often cloud our vision, Leonard's new song offers a refreshing clarity and a timeless message of hope. For those walking through the storm or those wanting to strengthen their faith, "All Because Of You" is a musical blessing worth embracing.


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