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Music Video | JET - This Summer That Summer

Joy House London Presents JET release new single entitled This Summer, That Summer. The single is featuring IMPOSTER. JET is an evangelistic humanitarian music project coordinated by Pastor Yinka and his team. It’s a musical project which has the aim of bringing the gospel to the community, to bring the message of Christ’s Justice and also raise money for humanitarian ministries and outreach in the poorer parts of the globe. Pastor Yinka is a veteran in the U.K. Hip-Hop scene, at first in the secular arena as a freestyle MC in the 90s, and also in Urban Gospel in the early naughties. His dramatic conversion and fire for the gospel has given him fervour to know Jesus more and make Him known using street outreaches, festivals, media programs and missions as well as music. He sees these as platforms to fulfil the great commission. As an associate Pastor of Joy House London Pastor Yinka conducts evangelism training as well as community outreach with the local churches and has a desire to see the church mobilised into outreach.

Impostor is a DIY / home studio “cyberfunk” artist who combines elements of electronic music with funk, disco, hip-hop, gospel and synth-pop influences. The artist has chosen anonymity to keep the attention focused on the music. In December 2016, Impostor self-released the debut album ‘Storytelling’ on Way Past Cool Records. This album was a proof-of-concept project to see if an album could be released from end-to-end without using the conventional music industry process (i.e. the album was recorded, produced and mastered entirely on iPad/ Mac Air). This was swiftly followed by the EP release of ‘Wake-Up America’ in 2017 which was released in response to socio-political turmoil of recent times. Impostor has since self- released 4 more albums (‘Imagine’ – 2018, ‘Road To Damascus’ – 2019, 'The Love Above' - 2020 and 'Copacetic' - 2021) continuing with the unconventional mode of recording. These albums form a musical anthology charting the journey to spiritual enlightenment, whilst celebrating love, unity, and hope.

This Summer That Summer (Clean Slate) video and song by Joy House London Presents JET is from a soundtrack to upcoming gospel social commentary documentaries (Hip Hopumentaries as the group calls them) The song is a reflection about repentance and leaving a legacy of Christ’s salvation and justice in our society in connection to the events that happened a few years ago. Drawing especially the “Black Lives Matter” events that gripped the world the song emphasises that Christ Justice must prevail, and that justice is not a fad for a moment of time, but it is Christ’s eternal plan.

The song has straight forward lyrics, tight rhymes, and flows over melodic Hip Hop/Boom Bap beats, giving an emotional Hip Hop vibe which is synonymous with the IMPOSTOR sound.

Make sure you add the video and song to your Hip Hop and Rap playlist and stay tuned for more releases from these amazing projects.


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