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Music Video | Feed'Em - Hats & Hoods

This new release from @feedemartist uses a term which some music venues use to deny access to certain groups of people (No Hats, No Hoods). The connotations that usually go hand in hand with this term, lead some to have a negative stereotypical view of people that wear hats and hoods. Produced by @djchakeet, the track is symbolic of an altar that welcomes all, not paying much attention to your outward attire. The video has an authentic feel with many symbolic undertones such as the torch being used to represent Jesus Christ shining light on the dark areas of our lives. Notice also how the church congregation are like statues at the beginning of the video but come to life as the song progresses and the lyrics are processed. They’ve offered up their old way of life at the altar (including the offering of a knife still covered in blood - signalling that it’s an urgent call. The young man hasn’t even had time to clean it first) and are now free and able to move with a spring in their step (evidenced in them dancing freely at the altar).

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