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Music Review | Watchman - Out of Order

Watchman talks marriage

Out of Order - Just Me and Her (Single)

Gamfam Only You

Watchman is well known for his Reggae repertoire; from recordings such as Contemporary Christian; Tongues of Fire, Like Neva B4 and Blood Dem Up.

This latest effort by Watchman, covers love and respect for Women and Girls (WAG), be it between Husband and Wife or the relationship one is cultivating, delivered with intense feelings. With his relatable lyrics and melodic flow over this dance-floor-ready beat will no-doubtingly get your body rocking, foot stomping and head nodding in harmony.

Off the back of the single will be delivered Relationship Workshops for WAG. The single will be the anthem for the artiste's charity - Reaching All People (RAP) Trust. Along with his wife, they aim to educate women and girls on how to identify a loving and caring relationship and not to mistake misogynistic behaviour, also expressed through dancehall music as an acceptable way of life, but to challenge the sexist prejudice and ideology.

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