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Music Review | Jemimah Paine - Closure

Jemimah Confronts Tragedy

Closure (Single)

Gamfam Only You

‘Closure’ is the 2nd of 4 singles Jemimah's new studio EP. She wrote this song after suddenly losing her gran who tragically died on holiday. She said, 'I found I could only get closure through writing a song about praising God even through the hardest of times.'

This song is being published through Wings Music Group. My producer Féz co-wrote the song with me along with Joe Baxter.

Jemimah says: ‘This song is extremely close to my heart, I was able to find healing and

peace in God through writing it. Grief is never an easy topic to write about but it is needed more than ever in the world we live in. When we let God into our grief and suffering He promises to be with us and journey with us through all the highs and lows.’


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