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Papa San:

One Blood


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I’ve been hearing the name Papa San for a while now. He released his first album in 1986 before a lot of people who will be playing his new album were born and he hasn’t stopped working since. A few years ago my mum was playing some Papa San in bed and told me I should listen to him, she’ll copy a CD for me. I put in my I-Pod headphones and respectfully declined. 

Last year while listening to Lecrae’s Church Clothes 2 I heard some patois on a track and was really feeling the music. I looked at the credits and saw that Papa San had snuck his way on to my I-Pod on the track “The Fever”. Now I was listening, eager to find out what else he was hiding in his back catalogue. I found myself disappointed by the diluted gospel reggae sound on offer. A lot of the material lacked any sense of urgency or inspiration. The music seemed well intentioned but milk at best and baby formula at its worst.

One blood depicts an artist born again. The album is full of life and zeal, I challenge you to try and listen to this album without your spirit being uplifted. The synths and kick drums hit hard, and not in a weird trance club way, in more of a battle cry way.

A lot of the credit for this must go to the production team, but take nothing away from the adaptability of this artist. He fits seamlessly into the modern sound, auto-tune and all. The collaboration of time periods and styles creates something never heard before.

Lion Track: Step Up

Best Feature: Tasan (Running)

Rating: 3 Crosses