After his last album, Heroes for Sale Andy Mineo had everyone’s attention. The challenge with his next release was always going to be whether he could create something special with a similar quality to his CEO and fellow rapper Lecrae or whether he’d fall short and just become part of the one one six desktop background. 

It makes sense therefore that he’s put out an EP release rather than a full album just to test what his fans are thinking about his work and whether he’s heading in the right direction with the sound he’s going for.

The Neverland EP feels like it picks up from the Lecrae Rehab albums in terms of the electro hip-hop RnB gospel sound. Quite a big merger but a unique sound in the world of music. For a lot of us it was our first introduction to Andy Mineo as he sang on the chorus of the track “Background” under his old alias C-Lite.

His change in status is reflected in the opening track of Neverland as the New York artist grapples with his newfound status. Themes like his willingness to stay on top, people’s perceptions of him and those who would like to take his place are simultaneously addressed in between the Neverland chorus. These feelings are unlikely to go away any time soon since the EP debuted at number 1 on the hip-hop and rap charts on iTunes. Just so we’re clear, we’re not talking about the gospel section, we’re talking about the whole thing.

For a few years the gospel rap scene was undeniably of a higher standard than the secular section, now there’s more of an argument. Andy Mineo is emerging as the leader of the new school in the way Drake was, now it’s just a question of who else and whether he can maintain.

There’s a hardcore fanbase that backs Mineo and quotables from the EP were all over twitter. The track “You can’t stop me” was the source of many of these. Most, if not all Christians fight a battle with their self everyday and the sentiment of the self being the biggest opponent was something listeners could easily identify with.

As it stands Andy Mineo has carved out a lane for himself. New York rappers are often criticized for looking backwards rather than forwards, but this is not an illness that Mineo suffers from. As of right now he’s flying high on the charts and may never land.

Lion Track: You can't stop me

Best Feature: Marz (Neverland)

Rating: 3 Crosses



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