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Journey back doesn’t sound anything like a debut album. From the first track ‘You Are’ it becomes clear that listeners will be getting a polished piece of work with intricate and technical arrangements.

The artist behind the album and the group, Travis Tuer, 41, spoke to us about how he’d been working on someone else’s album when they urged him to get his ideas and sounds recorded. Travis Tuer had spent years arranging music for church orchestras, jazz bands as well as being a music teacher. The album ‘Journey Back’ features many of the artists Tuer has worked with on this journey and performed with in church, and together they make up the group known as ‘TUER.’

The lead instruments, especially the trombone take the attention of listeners throughout the album. It feels as though the entire composition begins and ends with the trombone. We are made to appreciate and respect the instrument and ‘Jesus Loves’ is the perfect example of this. Funky and at times enchanting riffs and melodies are used to create a dreamy atmosphere.

The vocal performance throughout the album would benefit from a similar type of excitement and variation as it feels there are no valleys and peaks in the vocal delivery. The singer Amanda Waites does however create a great easy listening feel that would create a great vibe when left playing in the background.

The story behind the album is something special, as the album was made possible due to funds raised on Kickstarter.com. The website is designed to raise money for creative projects like making film and albums. When registering on the website Tuer received a big response and it’s great to see Christians invading it and using it for God’s work.

The album is sure to get a positive response and we can look forward to Tuer building on this success in the future and taking more risks with their work. ​

Lion Track: You Are

Rating: 2 Crosses



Journey Back