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Marvin Sapp:

I Win

You don’t really get albums with a theme much these days. Album titles are chosen because they sound good or named after the best track on the album. Two practices that mean the album title comes after the album has been recorded. 

Marvin Sapp has taken a different approach though, there’s a clear theme from the intro, “Teach My Hands To War” that praise and battle will be a running theme through the album and the title “I Win” gives us a common thread and message to meditate on as the music plays.

The up tempo live gospel sound takes the audience to church and you might just end up forgetting where you are while listening to the album and looking forward to church on Sunday when the music stops. Hits have been hard to come by for Marvin Sapp and WOW Gospel will call once in a while rather than camping out outside the studio.

What you’re buying when you get this album is a mind-set of triumph and an atmosphere to go with it. This is a disc to get you through a tough day, week or experience. Let’s also be clear, when Sapp says “I Win” he isn’t talking about himself, he’s talking about your win and your ability to overcome.

Lion Track: I win

Rating: 3 Crosses



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