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In The Reviews Corner we explore and Review fresh Christian material.

Mary Mary:

Go Get It

It’s not by luck that Mary Mary have been around this long. Their crossover Gospel sound has kept people listening while they take the emotions rooted in gospel and combine then with the changing sound of popular urban music. “Go Get It” is a strange format combining some of their biggest and most loved hits such as “Praise You” and “Little Girl” with new tracks like “God in Me” to devastating effect. It’s difficult to list this as best of 2013 when truth be told it was released in 2012, but it’s been on the top 10 Billboard list since its release. 

It’s clear that old and new fans have been enjoying the album and it’s clear that there’s a small group of gospel artists that can give you radio hits, Mary Mary are long time members of this group. People will wonder what this album is though. Normally you have a greatest hits album, a remix album or a new album. You can often mix two of these categories together to make a album that tastes good, but Erica and Tina have mixed all three. Quite strange really, but it’s always good to see a bit of risk taking and innovation in the gospel genre.

The pair have broadened gospel’s fan base, and listeners may end up singing along to a gospel song without even realizing what’s just happened. If you haven’t already got the album “Go Get It”.

Lion Track: Go Get It

Best Feature: Kierra Sheard  (God In Me)

Rating: 4 Crosses