Hello TLD,

I don't have a questions, I just want to say I luv your music, it's very inspiring. Keep doing what you do and may God continue to bless you. Noel - 18 - London

‚ÄčLovely to hear from you Noel, thank you for your blessings. We love hearing from people like you who motivate us to be better in all we do. Keep us in your prayers so that we may reach as many Christians as possible and Unite together to spread the word of God.

Dear Lion's Den,

I go to church every Sunday, why does it not get easier? By the time it gets to Sunday I have accumulated a number of excuses as to why I should not go to church and then think about lying to my parents by coming up with an excuse not to go.

Michael - 14 - Southeast London

Nice to hear from you Michael. We completely understand where you're coming from. Here at TLD we can officially confirm that we have all experienced that feeling of needing more sleep on a Sunday morning. Have you ever noticed how most things that are good for us we find difficult to like. For example, vegetables, school, exercise. Obviously there are people out there who actually like those things but the sad truth is the majority of us don't!!! The main thing to remember about Church is that it is preparing us for everlasting life. Extra sleep will not secure your place in Heave! Try this, every evening before Church, get the bible out and do some preparation, pray for some motivation and go to bed an hour before you normally would. Yes you will probably still wake up feeling as though you need more sleep but you will also feel motivated to go and secure your place in Heaven!!! Good Luck

I have a question that i find most of my friend do not actually 

have the answer to. No it is not something I feel i can approach

my pastor about. He would not understand TRUST ME!!!! Most of

my friends have boyfriends in college, even some of the girls from

church, but my parents are very strict Christians and they say that

dating is a sin. Is this true? Am i sining just by simply thinking about

having a boyfriend?

Lorell - 17 - Brighton

Now that is definitely something we have all had to deal with. I don't think you are sinning by simply thinking about dating in today's world it is hard not to think about it. The ultimate reason for dating is to find a life partner. I know you've heard this before and your friends probably say it's just a bit of fun, and hey maybe it is "fun" but most sins are made to look fun, it makes them more attractive. The reality is, if you are not ready to get married then you should give dating a miss. You have to be careful that you do not find yourself in a situation where you date someone who is not a believer in Christ and therefore affecting your morals and standards as set out in the bible. 2 Corinthians 6:14-15 explains a situation like that well. You may also want to re-consider the people you have around you, remember bad association spoils useful habits, simply put, being around such people will only cause you to be one of them. You're only 17, you have so much to look forward to, so much to learn, aim to serve God and get a good education and you will see how everything will come and fall into place when God says so not when you say so. 

Hi all,

I have been a baptised Christian for over a year now but I don't feel any different. I do things that I know are wrong but I really find it difficult to control myself. How can I work on being a better Christian?

Mark - 20 - CAN

Hi Mark,

Firstly, being a Christian does not mean that you will stop being human and therefore perfect. There are many reasons we choose to get baptised; sometimes because we want to feel closer to God and other times because we accept Jesus and God in our heart. Always keep in mind Mark 16:16 "He who believes and is baptised will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned." So the act of being baptised means that you are cleansed and forgiven of your old sins - you are saved! This does not mean that the expectation is that you will never sin again. We live in a world where sinning is normality and so at times lines are blurred. Satan will do anything to draw us away from God, some are fooled and fail to realize what is happening, while others, like yourself, identify the problem and seek help. Prayer and bible study is your main tool when taking a journey to be a Better Christian.

We all go through trying times and end up with a bunch of questions with no one to turn to. Sometimes we're just scared to ask in case people laugh at us and other times we're scared we would get in trouble with our pastors.

Christians United is where we all get together, ask questions, comment and help each other grow spiritually. 

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Loving the site!!! Add more music!

Kieran - Kent 

Hi Kieran,

We are working on it, thank you for your support!

Dear TLD,

I have come across your website while looking for information on how to help my young son who is being bullied at school. It is very difficult to try to explain to a young boy what the bible says about bullying. I am glad that you are all doing such a site where young people can seek advice from like minded Christians. Keep up the good work.

Joan - 43 London

Hi Joan,

Thank you for your kind words, keep us in your prayers so that we may continue to help more young people on their Christian paths. 


I came across your site while looking for answers to bullying. I am 16 and all my life I have been bullied. My school isn't the best and the teachers are not doing much to help me. I think they are making it worse, every time I go to them the bullying only gets worse. I keep wondering why is God allowing this to happen to me I pray all the time but nothing gets better. He just ignores my prayers. I don't know what to do!  

Leanne - 15 - London

Dear Leanne, 

We are very sorry to hear you are going through such a difficult time. Bullying effects everyone at some point in their life. And I mean everyone!! Even Jesus! So you are definitley not alone. It just so happens that when we are going through some very difficult times we questions God the most. "Why doesn't He hear us, why won't he do what I need" - questions we have all asked at some point in life. One thing you should always remember is that GOD IS LISTENING (Deuteronomy 31:6). He is there with you every step of the way. Every issue we face he holds our hand, you just need to have faith. Remember to always be strong spiritually and be careful not to let your guard down and weaknesses show because that is a perfect opportunity for Satan to attack (Mathew 5:11). Try talking to your parents about what is happening at school and if you feel the teachers are not helping try talking to the headteacher. If you feel too uncomfortable to approach your parents speak to the Youth Pastor at church if you have one. There are also many other alternatives such as "Childline" and "getconnected" that can also help. They are especially trained to help those who are going through a difficult time. We will keep you in our prayers. 

Celebrate Jesus WITH US  


My name is Emma, and I came to your website via your twitter. Your music is encourging and it has pushed me to study the bible more. I just wanted to say thank you for hleping me draw closer to God. I look forward to your future music.

Emma, London

Hello Emma,

That's so great to hear. We work hard to make something which would help Christians understand that they are not alone, we all go through similar trial and tribulations and sometimes it is helpful to know we are not alone. We really appreciate your support.

PS: Watch this space, new music video to come soon for our very own J.Walker's track Positive.

Dear TLD,

I am struggling with the whole christian thing. I feel like I'm in a prison I can't do anything for fear of going to hell. Sometimes I even wonder if I want to praise or worship a God who would let me go to hell in the first place. Am I the only one that feels this way?

Jamie - 18 - Brixton

Hi Jamie,

We're pretty sure you're not alone in that trail of thought. There are many who wonder why God would let His children go to hell. Most of those people however need to look deep within, because that question, in my experience, stems from you knowing you're doing something wrong. God gave us life, he gave us freewill and he filled us with love. We have knowledge of good and bad. As everything in life each choice comes with it's own set of consequences. I'm sure you know that if you kill someone you will go to prison, that same way you know if you did that same act you would go to hell (unless you repent of course). We cannot place the responsibility of our actions on God, he gave us freewill, we therefore know what we are doing. Of course we are all human and make mistakes for that reason you have the CHOICE of repentance. You see the options are all given to you and your choices are yours alone. So God does not send people to hell, they choose it (Romans 1:18,21,25). He has provided the way for salvation for us all (John 3:16,17) (2 Corinthians 5:14,15). We hope we've helped!




your video for Ned Flanders is great, and I love the concept, The Simpsons is my fave show!

Matilda, USA

Hi there Matilda, we are so glad you live it. We love the Simpsons too :) Thank you so much for your support. Our artist J.Walker has a new video coming out soon for his song Positive so keep an eye out for that one.

Great music and great site.

Leo, Dover

Thanks Leo, we are grateful for the support.

Hey TLD,

I'm loving your instagram memes right now :)


Thanks Lizzie, our memes guy works hard  :-D


Your beats are bangin


Thank you, our producer works very hard to produce great beats, if you're interested in contacting us about our beats please e-mail us info@tldmusic.com


How can i get my blog featured on your site?

Millie, London

Hey Millie,

please send us an e-mail to info@tldmusic.com and we will see what we can do :-D