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Never Again a

Late Dreamer

(The Poetry Corner)

Dreams have to be spoken out*
Talked about!!
Shared with and declared.
Don’t wait for it to happen without any effort.

I don’t know who to blame because my face mask only fits me
Perhaps I could have made it a bit further
If I had spoken out*
Shared and declared just one dream?
How could I, if I knew not what is expected of me
What is required?
What seems normal?
 What should be known?
I knew not,
Still wondering why I knew not?
Why did I not know that I knew not?
Had I known……?
Knowing what I know now I would have SPOKEN OUT!!
NAIVETY my PROUD SHEILDto why I knew not,
Dreamt less and never sought.
Try to race pass me
I would SHOUT
Read what is on my shield
Proud to show it off
Don’t tell me what I’ve missed!
Missing or will miss – I’ve got my shield.
Secured but suffocating in my own blown speech bubble…ignorance.
I spoke not of a dream because I knew not of any
How charming if I was to dream best
Spoken it out
Talked loudly
Shared effortlesslyanddeclared prophetically.
They may have run ahead of me
But …. Now!!
I know what to speak out, talk about, shareanddeclare
Cause now I know what I knew not,
To dream of and make happen.
That’s my dream never to be a late dreamer again
You may dream latebut don’t be late knowing.
Know now what you want so you can dream on time,
A dream to be spoken,
Talked about,


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Redeem Me


Those who dwell in the secret place of the most high Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty! So when darkness comes, his light eliminates. So when trouble comes, he sees as through to the end. No situation is too big Nor too hard Nor complicated For God to handle. God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly what you ask for. He said ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be open.    He said he is neither man nor the son of man to lie. Faithful to his promise till the end. Immovable Unchanging God Remaining the same till the end of age. My redeemer My shelter My desirer In you I place my hope I declare that I have no power of my own Without you, am unable to do the smallest things No words spoken by you does not bring life And life I strive My house lies in chaos My enemies proud and boastful Words of life speak onto thee That I may be safe from the storm approaching Deliver me oh saviour Lord From your mouth you spoke these words I will not leave you Nor forsake you Your lips uttered That the prayers of the righteous man will be answered. How sad it is to see my follow brother sadden Let alone you God? My father Do you not share my pain?   Oh God! Oh God! Strength I have none Hope I place in you That thou shall redeem me from this pit of mystery