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The Call

As humans we are part of God’s creation,

We are all witnesses to his glory

Witnesses to his power

Witnesses to his everlasting kingdom


Knowing this fact,

Know also that we not all believers of what we witness.

Some ignore or fail to give God glory for his handiwork

Whilst others sacrifice their will and submit to his


Christians we have been called,

We have been chosen.

Like others we were merely bystanders

Lost in the midst of the darkness

Now in the true light,

We reflect the light!

Therefore it is our mission to proclaim his works

The works of our living Lord and personal saviour

To continue to proclaim that he lives

That he saves!

That he is the way!

That he is the reason why we breathe!

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His grace is like the morning sun,

Shining ever brighter till the full light of day.

His love is like a burst pipe,

Unable to contain.Whilst his mercy is assured until the end of eternity.

Like a friend to me,No other can compare.

My strong hold through the raging storm.

My shepherd who guides me in this world.

Whilst others stumble I stand fast.

You who made me worthy to reside in your kingdom,

All my days I will exalt your holy name.

Keep Me Focused

My God you are worthy of my worship

My God you are worthy of my praise

My heart I give to thee

May life I lay before thee

So that everything I do is centred on you.


How easy it is for my eyes to wander far from you kingdom,

Far away from your warm embrace.

But I pray to thee,

Keep me on your path,

Let me run thy race,

For I long for that everlasting crown of glory.


An eternity by your side.