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Not really,
But Isaiah I'm smoke'n
Inside of me, physically and mentally
A quick stress releaser.... temporarily
it's keep'n my nose above the water, barely

Not really Isaiah but I'm blaze'n
Intaking so much chronic
and I'm not even catholic
but I'm worship'n Mary
it's how I cope
using all these drugs, molly, mary, cocaine, and dope.
to survive they keep me alive, barely

Not really Isaiah,
but my stress'n, my blaze'n, my depression, my hotel one night stay-ins, my judge'n, my bang'n, my hate'n
its got me stay'n in my situation,
if not deeper in.
It's been years chained in what I'm addicted in.
I hate complain'n but nothings been change'n.

The Most High
came down to die.
In three days resurrected
His Fathers greatest creation no longer rejected.
We, His greatest creation now have a way to Heaven,

though we still sin.
Yeah but Isaiah what should I be doin?
So lean on Him,
trust Him,
let Him in.
He can wipe away the guilt, shame and sin.
He can be your strength

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