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Angel of my Own

I look up from the floor and you're staring straight at me No doubt, in my mind, if I fall, you would catch me And if I give my all, there's no doubt, you would match me Drawn to your beauty, My Keira Knightly Started out lust, turned into Love Actually So far from Hollywood, living a movie Sometimes PG, sometimes scary Sci-fi, Rom Com, when it's peaceful it's eerie You hear me, you listening You hear me loud and clear, even when I'm whispering And that's rare to somebody like me And to share what's inside, that's so unlike me Cause I'd rather hold it all, curl it up into a ball So I'm tall and never crawl and I never ever fall Till by nightfall, I end up building a wall But somehow, someway, you hover over it all 

She came down so I wouldn't be alone

She's my rib, she's my backbone

I've got an Angel of me own

I've got an Angel of my own.

© J.Walker