His grace is like the morning sun,

Shining ever brighter till the full light of day.

His love is like a burst pipe,

Unable to contain.Whilst his mercy is assured until the end of eternity.

Like a friend to me,No other can compare.My strong hold through the raging storm.My shepherd who guides me in this world.Whilst others stumble I stand fast.

You who made me worthy to reside in your kingdom,

All my days, I will exalt your holy name.


Worshipping in spirit and in truth

Aint just about worshipping in spirit in truth

It aint solely about that moment

Where you’re pouring out your heart to the omnipotent

Yes it’s a feature of it

But don’t take that and just sit on it

See, through the word of God I got to know

That its about you how you think and how you go

About them 6 days a week where you aint in show

Worshipping in spirit in truth is your lifestyle

How you freestyle

Your mind style

Where your mind is set

Is your life giving reverence to God in all ways?

Or do you just do your own thing for 7 days?

To worship the father in spirit and in truth is about the change and the renewal of your mind

Engaging your spirit, 

Every single time

Its about what you know, how you think, then how you believe

What you know should be the word

How you think should be in line with it

Then you got to believe it and design your life with it

Proverbs 23 verse 7 goes in line with this

The way you think, will come out as what you are

Keep renewing it so it can so you can keep shining like the bright morning star.


Worship in Spirit and Truth

John 4:24


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He Is




Many call him…

The Messiah, The Teacher, Rabbi

A Wise Man …

The Savior, The Redeemer, The Deliver

The Provider…

The Protected, Omnipotent, Omniscient

Almighty Without faults…

Free from sin he became …

Blameless from start to finish

From his birth to his death to resurrection

Not an ordinary man …

Unique beyond the word unique….

From head to toe he is amazing Wonderful Awesome,

Marvelous, Astonishing, great

Clothed in radiance, Bathed in blessings…

Power, Strength, and love….

Arms open to welcome all …

An open-minded guy …

Oozing from his blood, Is Healing!

Goodness! Life!!! and Mercy!!!

A Man Worthy of Worship… Like royalty …

He is….

More important than the heart….

The mind.. The body … Our organs

For through him we live …

Who is this man claiming the impossible?

Doing the unimaginable …

On the cross he finished the work ..

Now intervening for me and you

At the right hand of God …

It is hard to reason …

This man … To leave his world… His life …

For us …

He is…