And still I wonder further; if he wonders if I care?
I hate to think of him sitting there, thinking of me,
Thinking of him; but I do…
I wish to my own special God Almighty;
Take away the name I feel, ever present on my lips!
Please, take away the face I see,
In every eye of which I look?
Take away the shake I get in my body when I think!
He might be sitting somewhere; thinking anything about me…

I fear I'll never forget his nasty touch and angered voice, phony smile,
his distinct smell….
I fear my wish may not be granted as I throw a penny down this well,
My dreams will never be; fully, completely; relaxing and sweet.
I fear I'll be looking over my shoulder; forever on the street.
Rest in peace Marty. On behalf of the innocent child you once were, may
your soul be released from the agony of your life. May your next life be
full of True love and Good intent. May my own life be content and
restful. Goodnight my monster

©Vyvyd Lewsiditi

(The Poetry Corner)

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I Fear

Miracles Over



I’m all for miracles, not magic tricks
People go through drama, want a magic fix
Quick to reach for magic pills when they find themselves depressed
Don’t wanna clean up, don’t wanna live in such a mess
I guess the road is tricky, I guess the path is sticky
I guess it’s long and winding, you find yourself whining
Not dancing, whining, moaning, groaning
Praying for a cheque, but you might need to check
What have I done in the natural, to cause the supernatural
Are my actual actions factual, is what I want biblical
Have I planted some seeds here for something to bear
Or am I staring at a hat waiting for something to appear
If you wanna build a house, the you gotta move a brick
Get to know the healer if you wanna heal the sick
Don’t drown and let the boat pass, it’s tragic
(Tell them all) Miracles over magic


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