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Like a Fridge

(J.Walker Poetry Corner)

They think I changed, call me dead Yea I died, without the lead Same body, no blood shed Better still call me drop dead Fred You don’t know me, you know the other guy Used to wear 2 chainz, that’s no lie Used to wear two rings, an earring Used to love bling, nice things Made me feel, like a King Now I’m tryna live, like the King Of Kings of all things, in heaven, and earth Might seem strange if you knew me from birth They can’t quite put their finger on it Craziness (Why ain’t he on it) Drunken nights (Why ain’t he on it) Hittin chicks (Why ain’t he on it) Seems like, he runs from it He’s talking Jesus, not again I heard the other day, he’s born again He’s still rapping, but not for men Started a label, the lion’s den He’s been seen at London Bridge He swapped dark for light boy like a fridge

No Body

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I answer to nobody, just those who can convo when I got no body, 
They're calling me boring like I got no hobby,
Cause I keep dodging girls that have got no hubby,
They all seem to laugh When it weren't that funny And I'll be sending praise when it ain't that sunny Pocket full of paper, I ain't talking bout money Tissues, issues, a receipt or two And the colour of my jeans turned the whole thing blue I give you that much detail, you know it must be true You know what else is true... The sun rises in the east, sets in the west Rose on the third day, these are facts close to my chest And when the lights fade, and the night's cold And they call a best seller outdated and old I put emphasis on genesis for revelation See how Noah dealt with doubt with no precipitation

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