Keep Me Focused

My God you are worthy of my worship

My God you are worthy of my praise

My heart I give to thee

May life I lay before thee

So that everything I do is centred on you.


How easy it is for my eyes to wander far from your kingdom,

Far away from your warm embrace.

But I pray to thee,

Keep me on your path,

Let me run thy race,

For I long for that everlasting crown of glory.


An eternity by your side.



(The Poetry Corner)

A place for sharing poetry centered around God.

"Just because I love you, I'll give you the world, you are my love, you are my baby girl", my Heavenly Father whispered.

As I waited to hear His voice, He laid down next to me and gave me a choice.

"Keep obeying my word, keep putting me first.

Or suffer dangerous consequences, choose to get hurt.

If you love me as much as I love you, there'll be nothing in this world that I won't do.

Keep giving me your heart, keep striving towards me.

Allow my presence to captivate you, allow your eyes to see,

all of my glory, all of my abundant power.

I come to you now, I step in this very hour, to keep my word, to fulfill my promises.

Love me first and there will be nothing that you miss.

Just because I love you I'll give you th world.

You are my love, you are my baby girl".



If i was to write a text to God I would sit back and pour out my heart desire But before i do so I will appreciate him for who he is What he does Where he is and Why he’s always caring for me and all those around me It would be my intimate moment with him To show him how much i love him Though it would not match how much he loved me to send his son to die for my sins It would mean a lot to me To be able to say I LUV U GOD 




Celebrate Jesus WITH US  

God spun me around, I did a one eighty

Like I know I’m not worthy, but please just take me

When I’m doing nonsense, please just shake me

Slap me around, let me know who’s boss

Show no mercy, make a fuss

But days went by, I felt no change

I Had the odd shiver, but nothing too strange

Everything was quiet, everything was normal

Sky blue, grass green, nothing abnormal

He went missing on me like a pair of socks

Couldn’t help but feel, it kinda sucks

Then one day, I just stopped talking

I heard this voice as I was walking

Whisper in my ear, very softly,

Loud enough to hear, but very softly

It said: “Have no fear, I’m right here

I numbered the sand, I numbered your hair

If you’re my child, how could I not care

Just have some faith, and have no fear

Resist all evil, keep your poise

You’re my child, you should know my voice

Listen to me and not your boys

It’s not an angel on your shoulder, that’s my voice

That’s my voice.”


Why do I doubt when

I know what is the truth and what is not?

Yet I choose to pretend I don’t know,

I pretend I don’t know what is there.

I doubt myself because I don’t want to believe.

But now, I think I’ve doubted too much.

Things are obvious.

Things are real, all in front of me.

But I chose not to believe.

I’ve seen the signs,

I’ve heard the words,

I’ve felt the truth, the reality of things,

But I doubted it all.

Why have I doubted so much?

I always see more than I show,

More than I might reveal.

I see, but they will never understand.

They will never understand the cloud of thoughts

The clouds of thought-voices of Him,

That whispers in my mind.

I should stop pretending, that I don’t doubt

Because I think I’ve doubted too much

The One who created me;

He tells me what is there,

He tells me what is true, what is real.

He shows me the things in these people around me.

But I didn’t want to believe; I didn’t want to believe.

So I doubted.

I doubted Him.

I doubted him inside of me.

I doubted myself.

And now I think I’ve doubted too much.

I’m so sorry.

Don’t leave me here blind to what I need to see.

I will face what is real.

I will listen with my heart open.

I will believe your words again.

God, don’t leave me here blind.

I don’t want your spirit to leave me.

Because I’ve doubted too long;

Because I’ve doubted way too much.

But now I know I’ve doubted enough.

I don’t want to doubt anymore.

 ©Marilyn I.O

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