Things were never perfect, but how did it come to this
Love and hurt mixed together like a Judas kiss
Did we grow apart as I became a different person
Haven't talked to you all in so long the withdrawal is hurting
My shoulders feel lighter, but somewhere in me misses the burden
The hurt just doesn't feel the same
When it's somebody with your last name

I don't want to be a victim, or even make a fuss
All I know is I'm comfortable underneath the bus
God is the problem Me?
Easy to second that notion, find people who agree
I'm flicking through the Bible trying to find the right story.

Joseph and his dream coat matches this closely
Or is that just the ego in me coming out slowly
My mind's stuck in a place where I'd rather not stay
The hurt just isn't the same when it's somebody with your DNA 

I take comfort in it all happening on God's watch
But how long can I endure, I'm trying to sneak a peek at God's watch
Like now would be a good time to stop
I'm weary from the battle getting ready to drop 
Should I forsake my better judgement and just not care
It's hard when what you believed turns to lies
Still it's hard to look away when it's somebody with your eyes


Poetry about Family.


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