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Emotions, emotions

Through our emotions we feel

We feel the pain of our love

We feel the anguish of their suffering.

Because we feel, we become agitated…

Looking for ways to end this mutual heartbreak.

We search for answers within ourselves

Hoping to find something to quieten the voices of confusion

When nothing prevails, we lash out.

When no hope is in sight, we shout out.

Words boil over at those closest to us.

The anger, the frustration, the endless worry,

In one space of time we convey it all.

In that short space of time, we are free from our burdens.

Then our conscious speaks, It rebukes our actions.

It says ‘ anger is sin’.

Only then do we realise then do we realise … that we have sinned.

So we cry ‘ God forgive’ …

And by his mercy he does.

In him we trust,

The composer of our emotions.

For without it, we give in to it….

The anger inside of us,

That waits eagerly to be released.

In its eye, lays a storm,

That sweeps away our senses,

Leading us to do the unthinkable.

In anger we can KILL, DESTORY, STEAL….

The mission of him who fell from above becomes our portion,

In that one moment we let anger over take us.

For I dwell in the house of the Lord,

Therefore I reside in peace.

With power from above, I say …

Be still to my emotions.

Be still to my frustrations.

Be still to my anger.


The Tears

Tears fall down like water drops. Within it, a story unfolds. Calmly, it falls.  Like the transformation from night to day. It is silent. Quiet, Like the night air. In it lies the pain The anguish of my past The happiness of my redemption The pain is overwhelming……… (Breathe) I close my tearful eyes, I see only you, Nailed to a tree. Blood spilling from your sides. For my sake you lie helpless Bearing this shameful burden.                                                                        The tears. It is falling quicker The memory. Darkness to light Sadness to joy Death to victory Sin to righteousnes Lord I have humbled myself, so you can uplift me. And create within me a new heart that will do your will. I am shattered, so that I may look to you, Leaning on you who has become my pillar.   Lord, Your foundation is unshakeable And in it I find rest The tear stops. The story continues.


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