Two Brides

I find myself in a compromised position

Not knowing how I got here and not knowing where I came from

Too lost to turn back

Trails of bread crumbs eaten

Footprints washed away by tides

Left to choose between 2 brides

Louise with your rugged nature and red blush

How you know me so well

You know my journey and my beginnings

We share chapters

Shared water

Dreamed together of how I could one day fly

Even though I was still finding my feet

How wrong is it that I'm addicted to you

When you remind me so fully of the street

Be honest, you fall short of glory

But that doesn't make you any less sweet

And I know it'll feel like I never left you

The very next time we meet

Hailie I visit you weekly

What would you have me be?

Organized and ambitious

With no sense of community

You make peace tangible

God's presence clear for even non believers to see

But are you being yourself?

Who is this person you're showing me?

No cracks no flaws

Imperfections hid perfectly

Where are your scars?

Where is your pain?

When will you roll up your sleeves and let me see?

I know you're beautiful

But many churches are

Which one is right for me?



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