We have many voices but which one is right?

Voices that whisper to us the desires of our heart.

Voices that rebuke our fleshly desires.

Voices that live life for the sake of living.


We have many paths but which one is right.

The path of a righteous man is straight and narrow.

The path of the wicked is wide and crooked.


Jumbled in a washing machine, separating right from wrong becomes impossible.

You see Godly as ungodly,

And you see ungodly as Godly!

Light becomes night

And night becomes day…


Blinded like a bat, you become a wandering fool.

Stumbling around in the darkness looking for a way.

Take a left

You follow!

Take a right

You follow!

Never thinking once to question these voices.


Take a look fellow Christians,

Bad company corrupts good manners.

Open your ears fellow Christians,

A blind man cannot not lead another blind man.



Be warned

Open your ears

Open your eyes

Be attentive


There is one voice,

Quiet like the air you breathe,

That voice is Christ!

There is only one path,

That path is Christ!


Questions and Answers

Would you have?
Would you really?
We all can be honest
That’s if we chose to

Would you smile more often if you were reminded how beautiful you are?

Would you have?

Would you work any harder if told you are a month away from being a millionaire?

Eaten any healthier if told you had just one week to live?

Made lasting friendships if told, Isolation is a big killer in our generation?

Stopped unnecessary flirtation if you could see your reflection of desperation?

Will your private life be any different…if it was livestreamed…Keekers!

Controlled your thoughts if you could just accept the fact that you are only human

Will you serve full-time ministry if you were paid half of what you receive now

Will you worship more often if you knew the size of crown God gives to his worshipers who worship him in truth and spirit

Now will you?…it’s your choice!



(The Poetry Corner)

A place for sharing poetry centered around God.

Broken, jagged,cracked, torn to pieces

by words, by circumstances, by life.

Life tears us apart, from the start its always been this way.

Devils' play.

He played Eve, appealed to her sight from dawn to night.

Hunger over hope, lust over luxury.

A forbidden fruit bit by a power couple, a couple of beings being selfish, selfishly making decisions,

decided our fate, wanted to go back in time but it was too late.

All in all mankind came to the great "Fall" making us broken.




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