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DOLLZ 4 CHRIST- The idea behind the name is that most females follow what the media accounts for as beautiful. ‘Barbie’ is to be known as the perfect doll and what all females attempt to be; walking dolls. Genesis 1:27 explains that we are created in His image and likeliness, also Psalm 139:14 explains we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Now, if Christ is saying these things why do we look beyond these words to perfect ourselves if were already made perfect to His will? Has God ever made a mistake? Will He ever make a mistake? So why are your looks a mistake, why are you rearranging your looks to someone else?

We are all made perfect for Christ. So if we take this belief that we are perfect for Christ, and to the media dolls are perfect; than we are Dollz 4 Christ. If it does not makes any sense to you, please feel free to comment below.

This page is more than  just encourage you, but to actually change the way you think and how you feel about yourself. As a young university student I face the difficulties of always having to hold high self-esteem and feeling proud of my looks. Personally, I know that I am beautiful but there are always things I like to change. I use to sit here and ask God well why this and why did you do that. I know for a fact He spoke to me and said “Have you ever wondered maybe your husband desire these things?” Every Adam has an Eve, and maybe these things I hate the most will be my husbands greatest desires. Since then, I have learnt to embrace and love myself. Don’t get me wrong it does not take one day to love all the things you hate, but yes I am doing it and loving every moment.

To sum it all up, this is the beginning to great things. I hope you will enjoy the page as I go through this journey of change and growth with you.

Peace. D.4.C xxx



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